Threat to the FFDO

Dear Pilots,

There is no question that our country is facing a serious debt crisis. As a nation, we must reprioritize our spending and our government must make better decisions with our tax dollars. However, the Administration’s threatened budget cut to the Federal Flight Deck Officers program (FFDO), one of the most cost-efficient security measures we have, is not the answer. In fact, the proposed cut could take deficit reduction efforts in the wrong direction by cutting a productive and efficient program while throwing money at other inefficient security systems that cost more and accomplish less.

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An FFDO in the cockpit costs the government only $15 per flight segment to manage the program, a very small price to secure our skies. Yes, the spending habits in Washington, DC need to change, but reform must turn towards more efficient, more productive programs like the volunteer FFDO program in order to achieve lasting, true fiscal discipline.

The FFDO program has already been starved for funding. Pilots who choose to participate are serving their country and performing a patriotic duty, yet they shoulder the costs associated with their training themselves. The program has been a constant victim of administrative problems, due in part to the lack of funding in place now. Further cuts would only exacerbate problems and could ultimately lead to the demise of the program. We cannot let this happen. We are committed to saving the FFDO program, a cost-efficient and integral part of our aviation security system, and ALPA-PAC’s efforts on Capitol Hill are essential to our efforts.

To succeed at this, we need your help. I hope you’ll join our efforts to keep the FAMS secure and the FFDO alive by contributing to ALPA-PAC today.

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