February 3, 2011

ALPA-PAC Gives $1.5 Million to Aid Congressional Candidates in 2010 Elections;
ALPA Members Donate Over $900,000 to ALPA-PAC in 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The ALPA-PAC Steering Committee announced that the 2010
ALPA-PAC Annual Giving Campaign raised $916,000 in voluntary contributions from
U.S. ALPA members. The participation rate was 14 percent, or roughly 5,500
pilots, with an average annual contribution of $165.35. More than 94 percent, or
$863,000, of the revenues came from the ALPA-PAC checkoff program.

The announcement was made by the new ALPA-PAC chairman,
Captain Lee Moak, ALPA’s president; the new ALPA-PAC secretary-treasurer,
Captain Sean Cassidy, ALPA’s first vice president; and the five national
Steering Committee members, Captains Konstantinos (Dino) Atsalis, Fred Eissler,
Jeff Greco, Doug Ralph, and William Sablesak.

The Steering Committee also reported that ALPA, through
ALPA-PAC, played an active role in the 2010 congressional elections,
contributing just over $1.5 million to 279 candidates for the U.S. Senate and
House of Representatives. Of those candidates, 214 won, meaning that 77 percent
of all federal candidates who received ALPA-PAC’s financial assistance were
successful on Election Day. No ALPA national treasury funds were used in
connection with any federal elections.

In announcing the 2010 results, Moak reminded ALPA members
that “our active involvement in last year’s elections took a toll on our PAC
resources. We must rebuild those funds as soon as possible to be ready for the
upcoming 2012 election cycle. Our allies on Capitol Hill are already asking for
our financial support, as political fundraising has become a nonstop activity.”

“As pilots, we face a wide range of issues this year,” Moak
advised, “from CrewPASS to bankruptcy reform, job protections in international
alliance/joint ventures to illegal use of lasers against aircraft, the cost of
fuel to RLA changes, FFDO program enhancements to lithium batteries, and yet
again, the FAA reauthorization legislation and all the pilot issues it

“One thing is certain,” he cautioned, “we will only succeed in
advancing our legislative agenda if we have a strong lobbying program
complemented by a fully funded political action program.” Moak reminded ALPA
members that the 2011 ALPA-PAC Annual Giving Campaign is under way and urged
them to visit the ALPA-PAC website at www.alpa.org/alpapac to make a
contribution today.

Once again in 2010, the PAC checkoff program provided the
foundation for the success of ALPA’s political fundraising efforts. With over
5,000 U.S. ALPA pilots enrolled in the checkoff program, ALPA-PAC can count on a
steady and dependable income of $72,000 each month. The average annual
contribution from checkoff participants was $171.13.

ALPA-PAC checkoff programs are operating at the following 18
pilot groups: AirTran, Alaska, American Eagle, ASTAR, Atlantic Southeast,
Capital Cargo, Compass, Continental, Delta, ExpressJet, FedEx Express, Hawaiian,
Mesa Air Group, Mesaba, Piedmont, Pinnacle, Spirit, and United.

During 2010, ALPA-PAC implemented a new electronic
contribution option for ALPA members to make voluntary PAC donations online via
credit card at the ALPA-PAC website. More than 500 pilots “Backed the PAC” last
year by credit card, generating $42,300 in PAC revenues.

For more information on ALPA-PAC, visit
www.alpa.org/alpapac or contact the ALPA Government Affairs Department at
1-888-359-2572 ext. 4033 or via e-mail at

# # #

United 24%   CommutAir 4
Delta 20   Pinnacle 4
Mesaba 20   Ryan 4
ASTAR 19   Sun Country 4
Alaska 18   Air Tran 3
Spirit 16   Air Wisconsin 3
FedEx Express 14   Comair 3
ALPA 14   Compass 3
Continental 11   ExpressJet 3
Hawaiian 10   Evergreen 2
Island Air 10   Piedmont 2
Mesa Air Group 9   Atlantic Southeast 1
Trans States 5   PSA 1
American Eagle 4   Capital Cargo 1
Colgan 4      


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