ALPA-PAC: Making the voice of pilots heard in Washington, DC

ALPA pilots garner influence with the nation’s political community through a powerful political action committee, called ALPA-PAC, which helps elect pro-pilot Members of Congress who support the union's legislative agenda. ALPA-PAC also helps educate Members of Congress about who ALPA pilots are, what issues are important to them, and how Congress’ decisions affect their professional interests.

ALPA-PAC’s philosophy is simple: support those candidates who support ALPA’s legislative agenda—regardless of political affiliation. The only label that matters is pro-airline pilot. During the most recent election cycle, ALPA-PAC raised nearly $2 million and those resources backed over 300 pilot-friendly candidates in the House of Representatives and the Senate from both sides of the aisle.

Recognizing that airline pilots have a critical stake in the political decisions made in Washington, DC, ALPA’s Executive Board voted unanimously to establish ALPA-PAC in 1975. Since then, ALPA-PAC has raised tens of millions of dollars from ALPA members at every ALPA-represented airline. In turn, ALPA-PAC has contributed tens of millions of dollars to pro-pilot federal candidates.

ALPA-PAC is a federally registered PAC that, by law, relies solely on voluntary contributions from U.S. ALPA members of any amount, up to the federal limits. Contributions to ALPA-PAC are then used to provide financial assistance to the campaigns of federal candidates who will work to pass legislation that protects and promotes the piloting profession.

ALPA members can learn more about their political action committee by clicking here.