Photos from ALPA’s 105th Executive Board

Wednesday, October 28, 2009:

Capt. Jerry McDermott (Continental), the new executive chairman of the ALPA Pilot Assistance Committee.

During the Executive Board, Capt. Prater, seated with Capt. Bill Shivers, Alaska MEC chairman, and joined by other ALA MEC representatives and ALPA EVP Capt. John Sluys, officially signs the new Alaska Airlines’ pilot contract. The four-year contract was approved by Alaska pilots in May (click here for the news release).

Midwest MEC Chairman Capt. Tony Freitas spoke about the imminent closure of Midwest Airlines as the last flight will take place November 2. On that day all operations will cease and the remaining aircraft will be returned to Boeing. Click here to read Capt. Freitas’ remarks.

AirTran MEC Chairman Linden Hillman addresses the Executive Board on a point of personal privilege regarding AirTran management agreeing to give Midwest pilots preferential hiring.

DHL MEC Chairman Pat Walsh addresses the Executive Board during a personal point of privilege.

Delta MEC Chairman Capt. Lee Moak.

Dr. Quay Snyder, ALPA Aeromedical.

Dr. Donald Hudson, ALPA Aeromedical.

United MEC Chairman and Delegate 2 Committee Chairman Capt. Steve Wallach.

FedEx MEC Chairman and Delegate 4 Committee Chairman Capt. Scott Stratton.

Delegate 3 Committee meets.

Continental MEC Chairman Capt. Jay Pierce.

Delegate 1 Committee meets.

Delegate 4 Committee meets.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009:

Attendees at ALPA’s 105th Executive Board.

ALPA Executive Vice-President and National Membership Committee Chairman Capt. John Sluys (Alaska).

NMB Member Linda Puchala.

NMB Member Harry Hoglander.

Former ALPA Representation Director Seth Rosen.

NMB Chairwoman Elizabeth Dougherty.

Executive Administrator and Chairman of the ALPA Flight-Time/Duty-Time Committee Capt. Don Wykoff (Delta).

The crowd listens to Capt. Prater.