ALPA’s 105th Executive Board Meeting
Remembering our Mission

October 28, 2009 - On the morning of the second day of the 105th ALPA regular Executive Board Meeting, delegates reviewed and voted on several delegate committee resolutions that will strengthen the union for years to come.

Among other things, the Board approved the new Professional Development Group. The new umbrella group will fuse the Membership, Education, and Leadership committees-along with communications support for internal and external organizing-to increase the Union’s ability to address strategic initiatives involving ALPA membership and organizing efforts.

Also, the Executive Board passed a resolution to appoint Capt. Jerry McDermott (CAL) the new executive chairman of the ALPA Pilot Assistance Committee. Another unanimously approved resolution reorganized the Airport and Ground Environment Group, which functions within ALPA’s air safety structure. Two additional resolutions amended MEC voting and ALPA Internet/Intranet structure policies. (Check back for a complete list of resolutions or look for an upcoming FastRead.)

ALPA pilot leaders also heard a joint presentation from Drs. Don Hudson and Quay Snyder who presented a formal report, examining the scope and operation of the Aviation Medical Advisory Service (AMAS), ALPA’s Aeromedical Office. The Denver facility assists pilots with medical issues, which could affect their ability to perform their jobs. Aeromedical provides both consultations and clinical administrative assistance, and answers between 200 and 250 daily pilot queries.

Hudson talked about Aeromedical’s history and its function as an FAA Medical Department liaison. He also spoke about the alarming increase of pilot laser exposures, noting, “We’ve had two very serious retinal burn cases.”

“We are not FAA physicians,” said Snyder, who discussed the confidential nature of Aeromedical consultations. Snyder will replace Hudson as AMAS president in January and ALPA’s Executive Board and other meeting attendees gave Hudson a well-deserved standing ovation for his many years of service to the Association.

Additionally, ALPA debuted a Year in Review video that highlights accomplishments of the Union. Click here to watch. (Click here to watch the prequel video, released in May 2009.)

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National Officers’ Reports & Presentations
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