CPZ Pilots Act to Protect Scope Rights

The Compass Airlines MEC wasted no time in defending its scope rights this week when it learned that management pilots have begun flying revenue trips for the Delta Connection carrier.

The airline’s director of Flight Operations flew several flights this week, even though he is not a member of the CPZ ALPA seniority list. The MEC immediately requested a meeting with senior management, where ALPA reminded the company that the Compass collective bargaining agreement requires that all revenue flying be done by seniority list pilots.

“Unfortunately, the company unreasonably insists these actions are not in violation of the CBA, and they intend to continue to utilize Mr. White for revenue flying. Left with no choice, at the conclusion of this meeting, we delivered the company both a grievance and an appeal to the System Board of Adjustment,” said CPZ MEC Chairman Dan Schultz.

“Section 1—Scope is one of the cornerstones of our contract, and therefore violations of this provision require an expedited process through arbitration. We will be working through this process as quickly as possible,” Schultz said. “It’s disappointing that we have to take these actions in the middle of our contract negotiations, which had been making good progress thus far.”