Executive Board Completes Business, CrewPASS Agreement at Alaska Announced

September 2, 2010 - The ALPA Executive Board assembled for the second day of its 107th regular meeting to take action on a variety of Association agenda items, and heard reports from the Executive Board’s four committees, which reviewed and discussed strategic planning materials for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting.

Included among the agenda items was a resolution to approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to assist in the creation and maintenance of a student professional development program. With this agreement ALPA is directly engaged with the next generation of airline pilots.

In a special presentation, Alaska MEC chairman Capt. Sean Cassidy announced that the Alaska pilots and management have reached an agreement on the implementation of the Crew Personnel Advanced Screening System, or CrewPASS. Cassidy said he is hopeful that CrewPASS will be installed and fully functioning at his airline’s four pilot domiciles by the end of the year.

ALPA worked with the Transportation Security Administration to develop CrewPASS, an alternative screening process that will expedite pilot access to secured airport terminal areas and enhance security.

In another special presentation, Cassidy and ALPA president Capt. John Prater recognized Capt. Paul Emmert for his efforts during the last four years, working with the Association’s Board of Directors Steering Committee. Emmert, who has previously served as the Alaska MEC vice chairman and secretary-treasurer, received a plaque.

Prater in his closing comments spoke about the upcoming Labor Day weekend and its significance to all workers. He also talked about the approaching anniversary of 9/11.

“Unions like countries are built upon traditions,” said Prater, who called on ALPA first vice-president Capt. Paul Rice to read into the record the names of the United pilots of Flights 175 and 93 who died on that tragic day. Prater reminded the audience that we must never forget, adding, “Our resolve has not diminished.”

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