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                                                                                               VOLUME 85, NUMBER 5

COMMENTARY                                                                                    ABOUT THE COVER

5 OUR UNION                                                                                   Air Line Pilot commemorates
                                                                                              85 years of the Air Line Pilots
‘It’s Not Bragging If You Can                                                                 Association, International.
Back It Up’                                                                                   Cover design by
                                                                                              Susan Boulter.
6 WEIGHING IN                                                                                 Download a QR reader
                                                                                              to your smartphone,
Lessons From Our Past                                                                         scan the code, and
Challenges and Opportunities                                                                  read the magazine.
for Our Future (DePete)
                                                                                              Air Line Pilot (ISSN 0002-242X) is publ­ished
7 WEIGHING IN                                                                                 monthly except for combined January/Feb-
                                                                                              ruary and June/July issues by the Air Line
A New Day, an Evolving                                                                        Pilots Association, Intern­ ational, affiliated
Direction (Couette)                                                                           with AFL-CIO, CLC. Editorial Offices: 535
                                                                                              Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 20170-
8 WEIGHING IN                                                                                 5226. Telephone: 703-481-4460. Fax:
                                                                                              703-464-2114. Copyright © 2016—Air Line
Learning From the Past                                                                        Pilots Association, Intern­ ational, all rights
(Helling)                                                                                     reserved. Publicat­ ion in any form without
                                                                                              permission is prohibited. Air Line Pilot
9 GUEST COMMENTARY                                                                            and the ALPA logo Reg. U.S. Pat. and T.M.
                                                                                              Office. Federal I.D. 36-0710830. Periodicals
The Real Deal                                                                                 postage paid at Herndon, VA 20170, and
                                                                                              additional offices.
FEATURES                                                       18                             Postmaster: Send address changes to Air
                                                                                              Line Pilot, 535 Herndon Parkway, Herndon,
18 RALLYING FOR THE            DEPARTMENTS                     41 CELEBRATING 85              VA 20170-5226.
CAUSE TO #DENYNAI                                              YEARS                          Canadian Publications Mail Agreement
20 EXECUTIVE BOARD             10 PREFLIGHT                                                   #40620579
RATIFIES FAPA MERGER                                           Air Mail Act of 1934           Canada Post: Return undeliverables to P.O.
21 BRAZIL’S BALLOON             10                                                            Box 2601, 6915 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON
CULTURE                                                        42 OUR STORIES                 L4T 0A9.
23 85 YEARS INTRO                                              Going for Olympic Gold                                 36
28 BUILDING CRITICAL                                           44 THE LANDING
32 PILOT HEALTH AND                                            Air Line Pilot Chronicles the
WELLNESS CHALLENGES                                            Evolution of a Profession

28                                                             46 WE ARE ALPA

                                                               ALPA Resources and
                                                               Contact Numbers

                               31 RECENTLY RETIRED             	                              June-July 2016 Air Line Pilot »	3	               	

                               See Who’s on the List

                               34 ALPA TOOLBOX

                               Equipping Pilots to Succeed in
                               Negotiations; P4P Helps ALPA
                               Family Weather the Storm

                               36 ALPA@WORK

                               Four Reasons to Log into
                               ALPA’s All-New Member
                               Website; ASO Trains the
                               Next Generation of Accident
                               Investigators; ProStan
                               Volunteers Convene, Confer
                               on Latest Topics
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