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‘It’s Not Bragging If You Can
Back It Up’
As our union celebrates its 85th anniversary,
        it’s impossible not to recognize the common    pilot leaders are already learning the broad scope
        denominator that makes ALPA so uncom-          of resources now available to them as ALPA mem-
monly successful in achieving our mission and          bers. And we’re keen to see each Frontier pilot
attracting others to join us in the endeavor. What     engage in every aspect of our union.
is it? How completely and fully our pilots engage
in our union’s work.                                      Pilot engagement also lies at the heart of why
                                                       ALPA’s collective bargaining vision and direction
   For 85 years, ALPA and our pilots have engaged      have resulted in so many gains for our members.
like no other organization to build a strong, safe,    In the span of a little more than a year, we’ve
and secure North American airline industry and to      reached 11 new contracts or contract extensions
advance the airline piloting profession. The results   that move ALPA pilots and our profession for-
stand out and have helped our industry—and our         ward. The pilots who fly for Air Transat, Atlantic
members—experience success on a scale beyond           Southeast, Bearskin, Canadian North, CommutAir,
any in history.                                        ExpressJet, FedEx Express, Kelowna Flightcraft,
                                                       Sun Country, Trans States, and United have all
   A recent example is ALPA pilots’ incredible mo-     bargained new contracts or contract extensions––
bilization against Norwegian Air International’s       progress that wouldn’t have been possible without
(NAI) foreign air carrier permit application. More     the dedication of these members.
than two years ago, ALPA sounded the alarm that
NAI’s flag-of-convenience business plan posed an          Eleven pilot groups are currently in negotiations,
affront to U.S. air transport agreements and to a      and, again, ALPA pilots’ engagement is in clear
fair and free marketplace.                             evidence at every turn. For example, 97 percent of
                                                       Hawaiian pilots participated in their strike vote
   As you’ll see in this issue, ALPA’s campaign        in May, and an overwhelming 99 percent voted
against NAI’s business plan was fueled by a            to approve the strike ballot. The vote followed an
display of enormous unified support from across        incredible turnout at their informational picketing
ALPA and many other unions. A huge number of           where hundreds of Hawaiian’s pilots showed up in
ALPA pilots—more than 18,000—took part in the          force and were joined by ALPA pilots who fly for
Association’s call for the White House and U.S. De-    other airlines.
partment of Transportation to deny NAI’s foreign
air carrier permit application. Nearly 60 percent         ALPA pilots are equally engaged in furthering
of ALPA’s United pilot group participated in the       the safety and security of the North American
union’s Call to Action, along with 49 percent of       air transport system. More than 40 percent of
Delta pilots, 42 percent of Spirit pilots, 37 percent  the FedEx Express pilot group weighed in to urge
of Virgin America pilots, and 32 percent of Air        Congress to do more to advance the safe transport
Wisconsin pilots.                                      of lithium batteries by air. While the U.S. Senate
                                                       and the International Civil Aviation Organization
   Our campaign against NAI is just one of the         have made encouraging steps forward, more must
many examples of tremendous rates of engage-           be done to take on this very real danger.
ment among our members. Whether it’s the par-
ticipation rate of a Call to Action or growing our        Since 1931, our members have not only
union, the number of members who raise their           determined the course of ALPA’s work but have
hands to step up is inspiring. ALPA’s recent merger    backed it with the full weight of their intel-
with the Frontier Airlines Pilots Association saw      lect, industry, ingenuity, and spirit. As the late
the passionate engagement of ALPA pilots who           Muhammad Ali said, “It’s not bragging if you can
volunteered to help as well as the engagement          back it up.”
of the Frontier pilots who resoundingly voted to
become members of ALPA—93 percent of the pilot                             Capt. Tim Canoll, ALPA President
group’s members voted, and of those, an incred-
ible 93 percent voted to merge with ALPA. Frontier

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