Jumpseat Committee

One of the items your Jumpseat Committee will be working on is improving the jumpseat protocols at JetBlue as they relate to Captain’s authority. Please stay tuned for more on this effort in future updates. Questions relating to jumpseat procedures on JetBlue, such as jumpseat rider priority or dress code, can be found in Chapter 1.16 of the FOM. The jumpseat matrix located in COMPLY365 (under FLT Operations Publications) or on the jumpseat teamsite is your only official source of airlines that are approved to ride on your jumpseats.

A new e-mail address has been created to handle jumpseat-related inquiries. JBUJumpseat@alpa.org will route you straight to the Jumpseat Committee, and we will do our best to answer your inquiries in a timely manner.

The preference is for OAL pilots to list in advance using our toll-free number, 888-538-2997, option #1. If for some reason they are unable to list, they should still be able to list at the gate as long as they arrive at least 10 minutes prior to departure (FOM 1.16.4).

Please remember the importance of preflighting your jumpseat. Sometimes a quick stroll through the boarding area will turn up a JetBlue or an OAL pilot who was overlooked during the boarding process.