Troubles Logging in?

Passwords are case-sensitive when logging on to the website. If your first attempt does not succeed and you have any alpha characters in your password, please try your password alternatively in ALL CAPS or all lower case. Below are some other questions concerning login to the ALPA website which may assist you.

I forgot my password! Now What?
If you have forgotten your password please access the “Forget Password” link so that you can request it. If you previously setup a password reset profile, you will be prompted to answer the questions you provided. Upon answering your security questions, you will be given the opportunity to reset your password.

What can I do if I don’t have a Password Reset Profile?
Contact ALPA's Membership Department at, or via phone at 888-359-2572, option 3. Once they get you squared away setup or change your password reset profile by following the “Forgot Password” link and choosing the “Create/Edit My Profile” option.

Can't Login/Blank Page/No Web Boards
As a result of the new login process there may be some lingering cookie conflicts from the previous login method. If you are experiencing this please try clearing the cache/cookies/temporary internet files of your browser and then restarting the browser and trying again before contacting ALPA.

What Do I login with?
The Username to login to the ALPA website member's only area is your ALPA member number or your "Alternate login".

When using your member number you must input all seven digits including the leading zero (if any). You will also need to exclude the hyphen from the member number. For example, member number 123456-7 would be entered in as 1234567. Staff can use their 4 digit staff number.

If you have an email address you can also use that as your Username. You should also use the password for the email address as well.

What is an Alternate Login?
An Alternate login is a username you can setup to use instead of member number. While your member number can still be used, the Alternate login allows you to setup a username that might be easier for you to remember.

How Do I set up my Alternate Login?
To setup an Alternate login for your existing account access and choose the “Change My Password” link. From there you can follow the Alternate Login option. Note you will need to first login before you can setup an Alternate login.

Can I login even though I am not a member?
Only authorized members and staff can access the Members-only portion of the ALPA website.

Does the ALPA website require any special settings on my browser?
You should have cookies and pop-ups enabled as you browse the ALPA website.  Without these settings enabled you may not be able to login and/or access certain parts of the website.