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December 10, 2010—In This Issue:

This Week’s Press Releases
Air Transport International Crewmembers Reach Tentative Contract Agreement with Management
After six years in contract negotiations, ATI cockpit crewmembers welcome the opportunity to vote on a tentative agreement in principle which, if ratified by members, will result in a new contract. Read more.

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ALPA (Still) Supports Pilot Training, Qualification Provisions of H.R. 5900

Misleading information was published this week in the Thursday edition of USA Today regarding ALPA’s position on pilot training and qualifications. ALPA is still not at liberty to divulge the contents of the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) that addressed this subject, but it continues to support the provisions of H.R. 5900, which contains the legislative language used by the FAA as the basis for its deliberations with industry. The FAA is working to turn the ARC’s recommendations into a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and it is on track to be published early next year.

ALPA’s September 2009 white paper “Producing a Professional Airline Pilot” describes the complexity of this issue. We concur with the recent statement by the Flight Safety Foundation that the public deserves “a more sophisticated solution than a blanket move to 1,500 hours.”

The following is the content of a Nov. 4, 2010, FastRead on this subject, which still accurately represents ALPA’s views:

This subject was considered at length by the FAA’s First Officer Qualifications Aviation Rulemaking Committee (FOQ ARC). Members of ALPA’s Air Safety Committee with expertise in pilot training, plus the director of ALPA’s Engineering & Air Safety department, served on the FOQ ARC earlier this year. As an ARC member, ALPA is prohibited from making public comments on the committee’s recommendations until the FAA publishes its final report. Therefore, ALPA is not yet authorized to specifically comment on the content of the media reports. However, we can explain some of the history behind the ARC and point to reference documents that clarify ALPA’s position on this important subject.

Read more.

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ExpressJet MEC Holds Security Conference on Mexico

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of the conference

In response to security concerns about escalating violence in Mexico due to cartel activity and organized crime, the XJT MEC organized a one-day conference to examine the issues. Presenters at the conference included conference organizer and XJT MEC vice chairman Capt. Chris Malo; Justin Lamb, regional coordinator for the western hemisphere with the U.S. Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and regional security officer in Mexico City; Timothy G. Haley, special agent with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service; Michael A. Murphy, special agent with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service and regional security officer in Monterrey; and Robert B. Loosle, certified FBI intelligence officer and legal attaché in Mexico.

Attendees included pilots from ALPA carriers ASA, Alaska, American Eagle, Colgan, Continental, Delta, ExpressJet, and Pinnacle; as well as participants from SkyWest, US Airways, and Republic; employees from leading oil and gas companies; and attendees from the hotel/hospitality industry.

“With our own crews and operations at ExpressJet, we see a real need to expand our efforts on security, particularly for crews traveling to or within Mexico,” said Capt. Malo. “From talking with many of my counterparts at other airlines and in private industry, I found we all had similar concerns. By hosting this conference, my hope was to provide insight into the threats that exist within and near the border of our nearby neighbor, Mexico, as well as to highlight sources of pertinent and actionable intelligence, which we can all use to help safeguard our employees and company resources.”

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ALPA Seeks Relief from Mexican Rules on LAGs
New regulations impacting permissible quantities of liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) in carry-on luggage have been announced by Mexico’s Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC). The rules, which apply to crewmembers and passengers traveling on domestic and international flights, are currently being phased in at Mexican airports to meet a Dec. 31, 2010, deadline.

ALPA’s National Security Committee has issued Security Alert 2010-05, which provides more details on this development and offers recommendations. The Association is seeking immediate relief for crewmembers from these LAGs restrictions and is urging the Mexican government to implement checkpoint screening protocols regulating the carriage of LAGs that mirror those in effect for crewmembers in the U.S. and Canada.

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Alaska Recalls Pilots
Alaska Airlines earlier this month mailed recall letters to 12 pilots. These 12 recalls are in addition to the 36 pilots who previously received recall notices and either had returned to active service or had scheduled training class dates.

Between January and October 2009, Alaska Airlines furloughed 106 pilots. Earlier this spring, 12 pilots were recalled, and in October, Alaska Airlines began training recalled pilots at a rate of 6 per month, for a total of 24 additional pilots expected to return by January 3. The dozen pilots who received recall notices this month will be Anchorage-based upon the completion of their training, with class dates scheduled to begin January 31 and March 2; with their return, a total of 48 involuntarily furloughed pilots will be back to active service by next spring.

“We are pleased that Alaska management decided to fill all 12 vacancies created by our most recent bid through the recall of furloughed pilots. This MEC has a strong commitment to our furloughed pilots, and we will continue to advocate for them until each has been offered the opportunity to come back,” said Alaska MEC chairman F/O Paul Stuart.

Additionally, three previously furloughed pilots who returned in October have volunteered to coordinate the Furloughed Pilots Christmas Fund. The fund last December collected nearly $25,000, which was divided evenly among Alaska pilots who were involuntarily furloughed.

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Read the Latest Aeromedical Flyer
Maintaining your personal fitness will enhance your immune response as you face the onset of the cold and flu season and the potential for exposure to diseases that are uncommon in the United States and Canada.

The latest Aeromedical Flyer provides two important articles for all pilots. The Aviation Medicine Advisory Service provides information and guidelines for all levels of fitness while the Spirit MEC provides background information on cholera, as well as recommendations for traveling to destinations with recent outbreaks.

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Member Benefits on ALPA Website
Being an ALPA member has its privileges. The Members-Only section of the ALPA website outlines some of the advantages offered exclusively to ALPA pilots and their families. Log onto, click on the “Member Benefits” tab, and access the following Association web pages:
  • “Aeromedical” contains important and useful information related to your health and medical certification.

  • “Furloughed Pilots” provides you with special ALPA/FltOps membership information, job information and postings, available resources, and valuable contacts as you work your way back to an ALPA cockpit.

  • A Charles Schwab link connects you to a team of professionals who provide specialized financial services and guidance to airline pilots and their families.

  • “Insurance Programs” contains a variety of outstanding and specialized disability and life insurance plans for ALPA pilots.

  • “ALPA Union Leadership Liability Insurance Info” provides coverage information for LEC and MEC officers.

  • “ALPA Shopping Mall” lists several great products available at special prices just for ALPA members.

  • “ALPA Federal Credit Union” links you to a solid not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution serving airline pilots and their immediate family members.

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On Dec. 17, 1903, Orville Wright made the first sustained, controlled, powered flight from Kill Devil Hills, N.C. This historic trip lasted 12 seconds and covered approximately 120 feet.



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