Security Screening: Update

In the November 12, 2010, FastRead, the National Security Committee (NSC) published Security Alert Bulletin 2010-4 on advanced imaging technology (AIT) and procedures in the United States. A number of security screening procedural questions were addressed, but the NSC made a commitment to update the membership with answers to additional questions on this subject. Accordingly, the NSC provides the following FAQs, which were coordinated with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):

Q. Are Transportation Security Officers instructed to use hand-wand metal detectors or pat-downs to resolve any anomalies from walk-through metal detector screening?
A. The standard pat-down is used to resolve alarms created by a walk-through metal detector.

Q. Are there any U.S. airports that have only AIT machines and no walk-through metal detectors?
A. TSA is unaware of any airports that do not have walk-through metal detectors.

Q. Are uniformed flight attendants required to submit to AIT screening and pat-downs?
A. No, uniformed flight attendants with company ID are not required to submit to AIT screening and pat-downs. They are processed at security screening checkpoints in the same manner as uniformed pilots with company ID.

Q. Are individuals who are selected for a pat-down search permitted to request a private screening with a witness during this process?
A. Yes, they may request a private screening, and they may request that a witness accompany them to that screening.

Pilots are reminded to report any security screening discrepancies or problems to their MEC Security chairman/coordinator.