Delta Connection Pilots Compare Notes

Members of the Delta Connection Pilots Alliance (DCPA), along with their full MECs, met this week in Orlando. Modeled in part on the SkyTeam Pilots Alliance, the DCPA is the first alliance of its kind among Delta-affiliated carriers represented by ALPA. DCPA builds upon a relationship of mutual trust, collaboration, and cooperation among carriers under the Delta brand to improve safety, security, and training standards at alliance airlines.

“Improving these elements and bringing them to a common standard is a crucial goal that will enhance our long-term career prospects and strengthen the Delta brand,” said DCPA chairman Capt. Dave Nieuwenhuis (ASA). “The alliance provides us with a collaborative environment to cultivate industry best practices at each airline so that we are in a position to share in the success of the Delta brand.”

DCPA currently consists of MECs representing the pilots from four ALPA Delta Connection partners: Atlantic Southeast, Comair, Mesaba, and Pinnacle. Compass representatives also participated, and other ALPA-represented Delta Connection carriers may eventually become participants as well.

Alliance officers and status representatives from their member airlines, as well as the Delta MEC, held an informational meeting in Orlando concurrent with their MEC meetings.

“This alliance meeting with our MECs is a watershed event, not only for our member pilot groups, but also for the Air Line Pilots Association,” said Capt. Chris Wiggins, chairman of Pinnacle Council 129. “Bringing together all of our MEC representatives to discuss our shared objectives represents an outstanding opportunity to write a positive next chapter in our collective history.”