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December 20, 2011

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No Increase in Export-Import Bank Lending Cap
Last Friday, Congress passed an omnibus appropriations bill that funds the government into 2012. Earlier in the week, Capt. Lee Moak, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, sent a letter to Congress, urging legislators not to include in the bill any increase in the lending authority for the Export-Import Bank of the United States until a further debate could be held on the merits of aircraft financing to foreign carriers. ALPA was successful in keeping the bank’s lending increase authority out of the year-end omnibus as Moak requested.

It is ALPA’s goal to increase the transparency of the Export-Import Bank’s aircraft financing, which makes up approximately half of the bank’s lending capacity. ALPA believes economic impact studies should be done on every proposed aircraft financing deal beforehand to ensure that the impact on U.S. jobs is actually a positive and not just assumed so. Our concern is that some of the transactions the bank is undertaking related to aircraft financing are costing U.S. pilots jobs in the international marketplace.

Giving foreign airline competitors a financial advantage over U.S. airlines with favored-bank financing is allowing foreign competitors to serve the same routes as our carriers, but at lower costs. The effect on U.S. pilot jobs has been significant and increasing the bank’s lending cap and allowing it to engage in further financing, without any increased transparency or economic impact studies, could result in further loss of U.S. airline jobs.

Please help ALPA stand up to this problem and show Congress that we will not sit idly as our jobs are outsourced. Support ALPA-PAC today.

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ALA Pilots, Part of Santa’s Posse
An empty, former Best Buy in Vancouver, Wash., became a hub of holiday activity last Thursday night as Santa’s Posse worked to fulfill Christmas wishes for 500 families in need.

For the second year, Alaska Airlines pilots, other employees from Alaska and Horizon, and their family members worked with local community groups to support this annual effort. The Clark County Santa’s Posse, a partnership between the county’s Rotary Clubs and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, collects and distributes toys and food to make Christmas special for less fortunate families.

Alaska pilots based in Portland became involved a year ago when Alaska Capt. Jay Haldeman was approached after speaking at a Rotary Club function. The club wanted to know if he and his fellow Alaska employees would help with the event. It went so well, Haldeman said, that the decision to come back a second year was an easy one to make.

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Santa Flies with Special Kids
Santa brought smiles to the faces of children waiting to greet him as he arrived in a Jazz Dash 8. For decades, Jazz has been flying Santa (this year, flight attendant Mike Griffiths) and children from Canuck Place and other local charities on a series of flights over downtown Victoria and Vancouver.

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice provides specialized palliative care for children with life-threatening illnesses and support for their families throughout British Columbia.

Jazz pilots Capt. Mike Gatey and his wife, F/O Jane Etzkorn, piloted one of this year’s flights.

“Jane and I have been blessed with a wonderful life together, a son we are proud of, and great careers,” said Gatey. “We were very pleased to be able to give a little back. The smiles on the faces of the children who rode with us was something that money can’t buy.”

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A New Approach to Voting
ALPA’s balloting system has a new vendor and—to go with it—a new look. When voting, you continue to log on to ALPA’s members-only intranet site, but you will now click on the updated “VOTE” graphic to access the site. The former security words, which many members found difficult to decipher and retype, are no longer included.

Voting by phone continues to be available but, because of the new vendor, your voting credentials will need to be updated. Contact ALPA’s balloting staff to receive a 10-digit activation code to create your phone-voting PIN, as well as directions and the phone number to call. Your ALPA member number is your voter ID for phone voting and, with the 10-digit activation code, you will need to choose a 4- to 8-digit password.

When a vote is cast, the ballot vendor will send an e-mail to the address we provide confirming that the vote was received. If you have any questions about these changes, please e-mail

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Other Industry News
• According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Delta plans to expand service out of LaGuardia Airport, adding more than 100 flights to 29 destinations. Read more.

The Hill reports that Congress is expected to discuss the FAA’s funding woes early next year as the Jan. 31 deadline of the temporary extension nears. Read more.

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On December 20, 1983, Ozark Air Lines Flight 650 struck a snow plow on the runway while landing at Sioux Falls Regional Airport. The sole fatality from the accident was the snow plow driver, and the DC-9 was later returned to service.


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Feedback & E-mail Address Changes
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If you don’t have access to the members-only section of, you can e-mail your requests by sending them to Be sure to include your member number or enough other information so that we can identify you in the membership database, and tell us what information needs to be updated.

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