ALPA’s 108th Executive Board Convenes

Addressing the challenges ALPA pilots face today and those to come, ALPA’s elected leadership gathered for the 108th Executive Board meeting to move forward resolutions that will position the union to seamlessly overcome those hurdles.

“This is a new decade,” said Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA’s president. “We are a single group of ALPA leaders. How we govern together is how we lead. We must pool our experiences and share our knowledge. We must clearly state our goals and objectives. We will commit to working harder to earn and keep the respect of our members.”

Capt. Moak also welcomed the pilots of Canadian North as ALPA’s 39th member airline. The merger between the 106 pilots and ALPA is effective May 1.

“Through this merger, we strengthen ALPA’s position as the preeminent voice of airline pilots across North America,” Capt. Moak said. “Through this merger, the Canadian North flight crewmembers are well-positioned to advance their goals, including their ongoing contract negotiations, with the full support, resources, and voice of the world’s most powerful pilots union.”

Capt. Chris Kampen and Capt. John Hankirk of Canadian North were recognized and received a standing ovation from the board.

Capt. Sean Cassidy, first vice president of ALPA, thanked the members of the Executive Board for their leadership roles and said they—and all of ALPA’s pilot representatives—are an integral part of the union’s numerous accomplishments.

“ALPA’s formula for success is unmatched in the world of pilot associations,” Capt. Cassidy said during his officer report. “We are a membership-run, staff-supported organization—and because of this, we are truly the voice of commercial aviation in North America and the world.”

Speaking to several topics—the importance of ALPA-PAC, the union’s safety structure, international issues, building alliances within the industry, and a number of current legislative priorities—Capt. Cassidy illustrated the breadth and depth of ALPA’s expertise and agenda.

ALPA vice president of administration Capt. Bill Couette, in his officer report, gave an overview of membership numbers and provided updates on important policy changes to the Association’s Administrative Manual regarding technology and streamlining language for committees.

He updated the group on the highly successful Leadership Conference and membership seminars held earlier this year, where ALPA trains its leaders in all aspects to aptly serve their members regardless of the challenges they might face.

Offering a much-anticipated update, Capt. Couette said the ALPA iPhone app is available, with a Droid version coming online at the end of April and a Blackberry version ready in May. These advancements are important developments, he said, so ALPA members can stay connected to our union.

Capt. Randy Helling, vice president of finance, reported on budgetary matters, thanking the leaders in the room for their “prudent fiscal management.” He continued, “Thanks to your collective efforts, sound planning, and smart resource management, ALPA’s finances are stable.”

Capt. Helling reported that the union was beginning to see gradual improvements and at the same time continuing to provide unparalleled resources and expertise to ALPA members.

Challenges are still aplenty: fuel price volatility, uncertainty in the financial markets around the world, airline consolidation—all have implications for the airline industry and ALPA members.

The Executive Board adjourned into its four designated committees to receive updates from staff, discuss agenda items, and develop resolutions for Executive Board consideration.

The meeting is being held April 28-29 in Washington, D.C.