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January 17, 2012

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EGL Stages Successful Family Awareness Event in SJU
The American Eagle Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) launched an educational campaign supported by the EGL Master Executive Council this month. The campaign, designed to inform EGL pilots on the bankruptcy and Section 1113 processes, also provides opportunities to answer pilot questions on the vacancy and displacement bids announced at Eagle and dispel any rumors that are floating around the property.

Pilot leaders and volunteers conducted Pilot Unity Building (PUB) events in DFW, JFK, LGA, and ORD, before conducting ALPA’s first Family Awareness event on Sunday in San Juan. More than 50 attendees, including family members and flight attendants, participated in the family focused beach barbecue at a public beach in San Juan.

“Family members are also impacted by what is happening right now at American Eagle, so it’s important that we include them in our outreach campaign,” said MEC chairman Capt. Tony Gutierrez. “For our first Family Awareness event, this was a great success.” A Family Awareness dinner was held Monday night at a local restaurant, and the trip to San Juan concluded with a PUB event at SJU today. The group travels to Miami for a PUB event Wednesday.

“We have been tasked with supporting the MEC and our negotiators as we navigate through these turbulent times,” said SPC chairman F/O Hector Corpeno. “Our plans for the next few months include additional Family Awareness and PUB events at each domicile throughout the Eagle system to make sure pilots and their families have the information they need as we move forward.”

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Other Industry News
• CBS Money Watch says Spirit Airlines Inc. has announced plans to launch a public offering of 11 million shares. Read more.

• MarketWatch reports that Hawaiian Airlines and Japanese carrier ANA plan to expand their marketing and operational partnership with the signing of a code-share agreement for passenger flights between Japan and Hawaii. Read more.

• According to Reuters, WestJet Airlines Ltd. may launch a regional, short-haul airline as early as 2013. Read more.

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In January 1975, U.S. President Gerald Ford signed the Transportation Safety Act of 1974, making the National Transportation Safety Board an independent agency. The NTSB had previously operated as a division of the Department of Transportation. The act also directed DOT to draft new regulations on the shipment of hazardous materials. ALPA had aggressively lobbied for both of these reforms.

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