Work Connects Us All

“Work Connects Us All” is the message of a new AFL-CIO campaign, which includes television advertisements to emphasize the shared values of America’s workers.

“I teach your kid; you fix my car; he builds my city; she keeps it safe,” the ad’s narrator says. “Work is what connects us—all of us.”

Can you identify the ALPA pilot who appears in the ad?

The spot launched in Austin and Pittsburgh this week, and will appear in Portland, Ore., in the near future.

“Work is something that binds together every person . . . and together working people are building a new America,” says AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler. “In this time of historic income inequality, this campaign showcases the values that America’s unions share with all working people: hard work, quality work, and how every one of us is connected.”

The campaign also includes social media plugs, an interactive website, and an outreach program in communities nationwide to encourage initiatives and new community partnerships.

Watch the current advertisement.