ALPA Hosts ASAP Symposium

More than 50 ALPA representatives, including line pilots from 20 ALPA carriers, joined FAA, airline management representatives, and invited representatives from APA, IPA, and SWAPA today in a spirited discussion about the status of Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAPs) and current challenges and trends in these vitally important voluntary safety reporting programs. The event in Herndon, Va. was organized and hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l.

Welcoming the gathered safety reps, ALPA’s president, Capt. Lee Moak, noted, “ASAPs only work effectively when we have a true partnership with the FAA and our airlines. ALPA is proud to host this meeting—we find, when we work together, we achieve superior results.”

The attendees of the ALPA ASAP Symposium talked about such overarching ASAP issues as the value of expedited ASAP Event Review Committee (ERC) meetings, the balance needed between thorough evaluation of reports and timely closing, and the value of stable membership and good relationships in successful programs.

Pilot ERC members shared brief reports on the status of ASAP at their airlines; many were able to report a good to excellent relationship with their FAA and airline management counterparts on their ERC and others reported difficulties, generating discussion with peers on improving the programs.

FAA headquarters representatives provided a candid view of challenges to ASAP programs, despite the agency’s firm commitment to ASAP, and ongoing efforts to improve aspects of ASAP programs.