Medical Certificates Only Available Online

The ALPA Aeromedical Office advises that, effective October 1, the FAA will only accept applications for the Airman Medical Certificate, Form 8500-8, through an online request process called MedXPress. Paper applications for pilots are no longer available or accepted. MedXPress has been available on an optional basis since 2007 but is now mandatory. Access it at

A pilot who has not previously completed MedXPress for a medical application will need to “Request an Account” and will receive a registration confirmation with the pilot’s e-mail and password to access the application. The pilot should complete the application within 30 days of starting the online application, or all information will be deleted. When completing the application, “Save” the data every 15 minutes just to be safe. Prior to submitting the MedXPress application, click the block “Show Validation Errors” to check all answers. Upon verification of accuracy, enter your password and click “Submit.”

Submission of the application requires acknowledgment of the Privacy Act and Pilots’ Bill of Rights statements as well as the pilot’s electronic signature at the bottom of the form affirming that all information is complete and accurate. As with the paper version of the form, the pilot’s electronic signature gives the FAA authorization to access the National Driver’s Registry to search for any motor vehicle action records.

After submission, the pilot will receive a confirmation number via web and e-mail. Save the confirmation number and click on “Exam Summary” to print a copy of the application for your records. A pilot must see an aviation medical examiner within 60 days of submitting the application, or the application will be deleted.

The AME must have the pilot’s confirmation number to be able to access the application. Changes to the application may be made by the AME in consultation with the pilot when the application is opened by the AME using the pilot’s confirmation number. AMEs will print the pilot’s new medical certificate from the online application at the time of the exam.

MedXPress uses the pilot’s e-mail address to communicate directly with the pilot; the pilot’s e-mail address is his/her unique user name and is protected with the pilot’s selected password. For more information on MedXPress, pilots may contact the ALPA Aeromedical Office or the 24/7 FAA MedXPress Support Helpline at 877-287-6731.