Canada Board Convenes

Members of ALPA’s Canada Board convened in Ottawa December 5-6 to take action on a number of agenda items. Representatives from all nine ALPA Canada pilot groups and the Canada Board officers (who together compose the Canada Board); as well as representatives from the Board of Insurance Trustees (BOIT) Committee and IFALPA’s North American Region (NAM); and ALPA staff from the Engineering & Air Safety (E&AS), Government Affairs, and Communications departments participated in the two-day meeting.

The Board unanimously approved the budget for the coming year and proposed changes to the ALPA Canada Board Administrative Policy Manual. Board members heard reports from Canada Board President Dan Adamus, Vice President Brad Small, and Secretary-Treasurer Georges Dawood, who reviewed files they have been working on, the top issues facing Canadian pilots, and various ALPA initiatives that have been undertaken on our members’ behalf since December 2011.

The Board discussed a broad range of topics, including:

• the seasonal use of foreign pilots by some Canadian carriers,
• ideas for protecting the standards ALPA pilot groups have achieved in bargaining and advancing pilots’ career opportunities by pursuing preferential hiring provisions in collective agreements,
• ongoing efforts to secure unrestricted access to the jumpseat for Canadian pilots,
• organizing, and
• pending legislation affecting Canadian pilots.

Capt. Dave Peyton (Jazz), chairman of the BOIT Committee, reviewed the various plans and services available to Canadian members through ALPA and marketing initiatives to promote these benefits. The Board unanimously endorsed the continued practice of paying the Basic Life Insurance premiums for eligible ALPA members who are on medical leave of absence and not receiving airline income by the ALPA Canada Insurance Trust.

Adamus gave Board members a comprehensive overview of the CARAC Flight Crew Fatigue Management Working Group’s recommendations for modernizing pilot flight- and duty-time regulations and rest requirements in Canada. Transport Canada’s CARAC Technical Committee unanimously agreed to send the working group’s report to the Civil Aviation Regulatory Committee (CARC), and the public comment period will continue through January 31, 2013.

During the meeting, Canada Board members also received a detailed overview of ALPA’s E&AS Department and reports on ALPA government affairs and aviation safety and security issues and activities in Canada. The Board also heard from Capt. Chris Lynch, executive vice president—IFALPA NAM and representatives from AOA Canada, the representatives for the Canadian pilots who fly for Cathay Pacific, and the Sunwing Pilots Association.

On December 5, the Canada Board hosted a holiday reception attended by ALPA pilots and staff; government officials; and representatives from other pilot unions, aviation industry trade associations, and manufacturers.