Oppose FFDO Cuts!

President Obama’s 2013 budget blueprint cut the funding for the FFDO program by more than half and also cut $36 million from the FAMS program. This is unsatisfactory and needs to be remedied.

The FFDO program is a critical and cost-efficient airline security program staffed by thousands of fully trained and deputized ALPA pilots who volunteer their time to become qualified FFDOs, contributing personal and professional sacrifices to secure our flight decks. In light of its already barely adequate funding levels, any budget reduction to the FFDO program could very well lead to its ultimate demise. Tell your representative today to oppose cuts to the FFDO and FAMS in the FY2013 budget.

When dealing with terrorism, the deterrent value of an armed presence within the cockpit cannot be overstated. Today, thousands of fully trained and deputized ALPA pilots defend more than 100,000 flight segments per month. ALPA appreciates the inherent difficulties of reducing our federal budget deficit.

However, the result of this proposed budget cut would be a reduction in the number of federal air marshals currently assigned to frontline duties protecting airline flights, and the possible demise of the FFDO program. Nearly a decade ago, the FFDO program was invented by ALPA and instituted by Congress through the Arming Pilots against Terrorism Act (P.L. 107-296).

We remain committed to the success of the program and will fight to ensure that the program not only survives, but that it is funded sufficiently so that it thrives.

Read ALPA president Capt. Lee Moak’s letter to the House Committee on Appropriations, requesting increased FFDO funding.

Read the newly revised ALPA white paper titled “Recommendations to Improve the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program.”