ALPA Secretary-Treasurers Gather

Two dozen pilots elected to serve as ALPA’s financial gatekeepers convened today for the Association’s annual Secretary-Treasurers Conference to discuss financial stewardship and accountability.

“We’re responsible for minding the pilots’ money,” said ALPA vice president–finance Capt. Randy Helling, who added, “not only minding the pilots’ money but maintaining their trust, the trust that their money is being spent wisely on their behalf.”

Helling, who welcomed the secretary-treasurers and reviewed the meeting’s agenda, talked about the importance of the job and the need to perform fiscal duties consistently and with transparency. He also emphasized the importance of “helping your pilot volunteers find a way to achieve their goals within the established policies and procedures of the Association.”

ALPA vice president–administration Capt. Bill Couette presented “Rules of the Road,” a segment explaining what’s required to conduct meetings and clarifying fine points like the difference between point of privilege and point of order. He reviewed Robert’s Rules, quorums, and the use of proxies.

In addition, members of ALPA’s professional staff discussed fiduciary responsibility, managing MEC accounts, reporting requirements, flight pay loss expenses, agency shop negotiations, and a host of other secretary-treasurer concerns.

The three-day meeting is being held at a hotel near the union’s Herndon, Va., facilities while ALPA completes renovation of its offices and conference center.