PCL Families Show Solidarity in MSP

More than 200 Pinnacle pilots, spouses, and kids enjoyed a fun evening at the ballpark in Minneapolis last Tuesday to build family unity as the MEC prepared for another round of bankruptcy negotiations.

The event at Target Field was sponsored by the PCL Family Awareness Committee and came on the eve of a meeting with the company where management was expected to unveil its new business plan and demand new pilot concessions under Section 1113 of the bankruptcy code.

Speaking to pilots and families at a downtown hotel before the ballgame, PCL chairman Capt. Tom Wychor said ALPA seeks to protect the group’s four cornerstone contract principles: wages, work rules, scope, and benefits.

He said the American Eagle MEC’s recent bankruptcy agreement proves that union and management can work together to craft a deal that helps both sides without harming employees.

“The only way out of this situation is with a negotiated, ratified contract—there is no ‘Perry Mason moment’ when everything is resolved in court,” Wychor said. “The only way we are going to get through this is by having a unified pilot group.”

After hearing from the MEC and enjoying pizza and snacks, the Pinnacle families walked to Target Field to see the hometown Minnesota Twins take on the visiting Detroit Tigers.

Pinnacle will hold another family awareness ballpark event in Atlanta later this fall.