PSA Pilots Announce $1 Million Grant for Strategic Preparedness

With US Airways recently reporting its largest single quarterly profit in its history, the pilots of PSA Airlines will receive a $1 million grant from their international union, the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, to assist them as they near completion of contract negotiations with PSA management.

ALPA’s Executive Board unanimously approved the $1 million grant from its Major Contingency Fund (MCF). The MCF is ALPA’s “war chest,” providing pilot groups with the necessary resources for strategic preparedness—including pilot communications, family awareness activities, and preparation for a strike should one become necessary.

“As the PSA pilots head into endgame negotiations, they have the unwavering support of their union and their fellow ALPA pilots,” said Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA’s president. “PSA pilots are committed to achieving a consensual agreement. But they demand a fair, improved contract that recognizes the vital role PSA pilots play in their airline’s continued success. ALPA is fully committed to helping them achieve that goal.”

PSA pilots, who fly under the US Airways Express brand, have been in negotiations with management since June 2009; the two parties have been working with a federal mediator since October 2011. Despite the strong earnings by their parent company, PSA management to date has made little movement forward in negotiations on the critical sections of the contract regarding pay, retirement, and insurance. The next bargaining session will be held September 18–20, 2012.

“It has been more than three years since PSA pilots received a cost-of-living raise, and management’s pay proposals have not reflected that reality,” said PSA MEC chair Capt. Jesse Coeling. “Our Negotiating Committee is working to reach an agreement that will help PSA maintain its competitiveness in the US Airways system, but not at the costs management is proposing,” he added.

“Both ALPA and management have a mutual goal to attract future employees, while continuing to run one of the best-performing express operations in the US Airways system. But we believe that the current company proposals will endanger both of these goals and start PSA down a path that will severely hinder its ability to attract new pilots and to retain current pilots.”