NAA Pilots Ratify Revised TA

The pilots of North American Airlines ratified a revised tentative agreement (RTA) on Monday, September 24. Of the 96 percent of pilots who cast ballots, 76 percent voted in favor of the agreement.

“The results of this vote underscore the North American pilots’ unity, resolve, and commitment to our goal of preserving our jobs and our carrier,” said Capt. Rob Lewis, NAA MEC chairman.

NAA’s parent company, Global Aviation Holdings, filed protection under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code in February. Under threat of Section 1113 filing, the pilots engaged in bankruptcy concessionary negotiations, but rejected the initial tentative agreement two weeks ago. As a result, NAA’s management signaled its intent to file a motion this week to reject the pilots’ contract unless a new consensual TA was reached before then.

The Negotiating Committee went back to the bargaining table September 17 and 18, with the goal of achieving a new agreement that responded to some of the concerns pilots voiced about the initial TA. After an intense bargaining session over a 36-hour period, the NAA pilot Negotiating Committee, assisted by ALPA’s Representation and Economic & Financial Analysis Departments, successfully negotiated several improvements over the initial failed TA.

“North American pilots understand that this is a critical and fragile time for our company, and we stand ready to work closely with our management to help our company regain its financial viability and advance our mutual goals for the future,” Lewis said. “To achieve success, however, our management must fulfill the commitments it made to our pilots in this agreement. With ALPA’s support and assistance, we will work to ensure our management meets its obligations to our pilots.”