RYN Crewmembers Approve LOA to Ease Status Changes

Flightcrew members at Ryan International Airlines, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, have overwhelmingly approved contract changes that will make it easier for them to transition between aircraft types and cash out vacation time if they are furloughed.

Almost 95 percent of the RYN crewmembers voting supported the letter of agreement, which is intended to assist the bankrupt airline’s restructuring efforts while preserving as many pilot jobs as possible.

“These revisions to our contract are a major benefit for crewmembers, as they reduce, or in some cases, eliminate the pay reductions due to transitions, streamline many of the procedures, and give greater flexibility,” said RYN MEC chairman Capt. Erik Sparks. “They allow more crewmembers the opportunity to end up where they would most like to be, all while bringing us ever closer to a system of straight seniority.”

Ryan is in a state of great transition due to the elimination of much of its fleet and a series of furloughs. The contract changes streamline language for reductions in positions, furloughs, and filling of vacancies.

Crewmembers involuntarily forced to change aircraft or status to keep their jobs will no longer suffer pay cuts unless they have been with the airline for four years or less. Seat locks have also been shortened or eliminated altogether, and crewmembers can cash out any or all of their vacation time 180 days after being furloughed.