ALPA Calls for End to Government Shutdown

Speaking to attendees of a rally on Capitol Hill today, ALPA first vice president Capt. Sean Cassidy called on lawmakers to end the government shutdown immediately. The rally, organized by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) included many of the organization’s leaders, alongside representatives from across the aviation community.

“We need to end the shutdown and bring everyone back to work immediately,” said Capt. Cassidy. “Congress must make certain that the U.S. airline industry continues to fuel our nation’s economy, provide jobs for tens of thousands of hardworking Americans, and deliver the service that passengers and cargo shippers expect and deserve from the U.S. air transportation system.”

Capt. Cassidy assured attendees that, while there are no current indications of adverse impacts to air safety, a continued furlough of key government personnel could jeopardize the safety of airport infrastructures, operations, and navigation facilities.

“Scores of meetings have already been cancelled involving key industry stakeholders,” said Capt. Cassidy, referring to ALPA’s collaboration with its industry partners, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), to drive the development of technologies such as NextGen, the new U.S. air traffic control system that aims to help airlines better navigate crowded air.

Joined on Capitol Hill by industry leaders from the fields of business and general aviation, Capt. Cassidy reiterated that the longer the government shutdown lasts, “the more we risk creating a situation where safety will be impacted.”