KFC MEC Endorses Tentative Agreement

After six months of demanding negotiations, the Kelowna Flightcraft MEC Negotiating Committee in September reached an agreement with the Company that provides the pilots a more secure future.

Last week, the KFC MEC unanimously voted to send the tentative agreement and memorandum of understanding out to the pilots for ratification. The KFC MEC and Negotiating Committee support and endorse the TA and the MOU and recommend the pilots vote in favor when balloting is conducted November 18 to December 10.

“I’m very pleased to have been a part of this process, and believe we have been able to produce an agreement that we endorse and support and will serve us well in the coming years,” said Brett Chanin, KFC MEC Negotiating Committee.

The agreement, among other things, provides increases in allowances and pay.

“I’m truly proud with how the Negotiating Committee came together as a team and worked to voice the opinions and address the needs of all our members” said Derek Porter, KFC MEC chairman.

A series of road shows have been planned for November 17-21.