Calm Air Pilots Achieve New TA

The pilots of Winnipeg-based Calm Air are the latest ALPA group to reach a tentative agreement on a new contract. The CMA group TA’d a contract proposal last Friday after opening negotiations in April. The group used an interest-based bargaining approach, with a mediator from Canada’s Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service overseeing the process from the start.

“The IBB process worked impressively well, and we look forward to sharing the details of the proposal with our fellow pilots,” said CMA MEC Chairman Dan Cowan.

Calm Air pilots will be briefed on the details of the tentative agreement the first week of June at road shows to be held in the carrier’s domiciles of Winnipeg and Thompson, Manitoba. CMA flies ATR turboprops and Dornier jets to small communities in northern Manitoba and the Nunavut territory.