ALPA Urges Canadian Senate to Oppose C-377

ALPA continues to work to defeat Bill C-377—An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Requirements for Labour Organizations)—legislation that is now being considered by the Senate of Canada. Capt. Georges Dawood, secretary-treasurer of ALPA’s Canada Board, appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade, and Commerce yesterday to urge members of the Senate to oppose this legislation, which would impose onerous and administratively expensive reporting requirements on labour organizations.

Speaking on behalf of ALPA’s 2,800 Canadian members, Dawood detailed the negative effect that the bill would have if it were enacted. “The bill is discriminatory against members of labour organizations, its reporting functions are contrary to the privacy policy of the Income Tax Act, and its enactment would cost Canadian taxpayers substantial funds…to fix a problem that does not exist,” he said.

During the hearing, Dawood challenged the stated purpose of the bill—to provide accountability through transparency— and underscored ALPA’s concerns related to confidentiality and privacy. Representatives from a several other labour unions across Canada also expressed their staunch opposition to the legislation, citing similar concerns.

ALPA has adamantly fought against the passage of C-377 since it was introduced as a private member’s bill by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert in December 2011. The legislation has passed in the House of Commons and had its second reading in the Senate in May, when it was referred to the Senate committee.

ALPA will continue to oppose this affront to pilots and union workers across Canada.