ALPA Leaders’ Boot Camp with the Best in the Business

One third of the Board of Directors of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, headed to Herndon this week for the Leadership Training Conference, an annual event designed to prepare newly elected leaders for representing their pilots at a super-service level with the aid of the Association’s vast resources.

ALPA president Capt. Lee Moak addressed the attendees on Monday and answered questions about the challenges the union faces in the ever-changing aviation industry. “What’s coming is globalization,” Moak said. “Local is important. But what’s happening globally will affect the profession.”

Moak covered ALPA’s goals for the years ahead, including leveling the playing field and promoting one level of safety for all airline pilots. He challenged the newest union reps to make the tough decisions that will position the North American airline industry well in the global marketplace.

“This is the issue of your time,” Moak said, alluding to other industry-defining moments that include deregulation and code sharing. “In the U.S., if we don’t have a level playing field, you’re not going to have a profession.” He detailed how ALPA is leading the charge to pull a fractured industry together on common ground to protect and promote the airline piloting profession.

ALPA’s subject matter experts are leading the training this week. Monday segments included a review of ALPA’s structure by Vice President-Administration Bill Couette, a discussion about Association resources from ALPA Executive Administrator Tim Canoll, and an overview of both internal and external communications.

That afternoon, Leadership Training Conference attendees participated in break-out sessions conducted by the Association’s senior Representation staff. The group also learned about Robert’s Rules of Order for running affective meetings.

Today’s agenda included discussions about contract negotiations and enforcement, the union’s Air Safety Organization, the ALPA Aeromedical Office, and leadership advice. The conference attendees then visited a local National Transportation Safety Board facility.

The ALPA Leadership Training Conference continues through Thursday.