Membership Volunteers Learn the Ropes

ALPA’s one-and-a-half day Membership Seminar, a training session/refresher course for pilot Membership volunteers, kicked off this afternoon with a welcome and introductions from ALPA vice president–administration Capt. Bill Couette and Membership Committee chairman Capt. Mark Nagel (PCL). The two discussed their roles, the Association’s resources, and the immense network of pilots and professional staff available to help support ALPA pilots.

Membership Committee representatives perform the important role of ensuring that ALPA pilots are identified and accounted for and meet their obligations to maintain the integrity and solvency of our union.

The 18 pilot volunteers from 13 ALPA airlines who attended today’s session at the Association’s Herndon, Va., conference center, discussed talking to new hires about what ALPA is and reviewed ALPA policy regarding member records and classifications. ALPA staff covered what’s required to properly maintain rosters and reports. In addition, ALPA vice president-finance Capt. Randy Helling talked about the Association’s recent and current financial positions and how the union manages dues dollars. Seminar presentations and activities continue tomorrow.