Mesa Secures New Flying

US Airways recently entered into a letter of agreement with Mesa Air Group for nine additional CRJ900s. These aircraft are expected to be in service by July 2013 for an eight-year period.

“Mesa pilots have withstood the test of time, and we’re looking forward to maintaining our flight plan for continued success,” says ALPA MAG MEC Chairman Marcin Kolodziejczyk. “We’ve experienced extreme highs with rapid growth and soaring career expectations then plunged into a bankruptcy restructuring that decimated our pilot ranks with furloughs, downgrades, and displacements.”

“Despite these challenges, we protected our pilots’ rights and ensured that our contract remained intact throughout the bankruptcy. We’re also working to advance our pilots’ careers further through the Section 6 negotiations process and are excited about the opportunities additional flying will provide,” says Kolodziejczyk.

To date, all 221 furloughed pilots have been offered recall and recall training classes are expected to begin in March.