CMT MEC Ratifies LOA to Assist Low-Time Pilots

Low-time pilots concerned that they may not remain qualified to fly under pending FAA regulations are now able to gain flight time faster under a new letter of agreement ratified by CommutAir and the CMT MEC of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l. A new FAA requirement that pilots have 1,500 hours of flight time to be employed in Part 121 service is currently scheduled to take effect on August 1.

“As one of the smaller regional turboprop airlines, we have a number of low-time pilots who have recently entered the industry. It makes good professional and economic sense to the MEC and the company to help our pilots retain currency by making sure they meet the 1,500-hour threshold,” said CMT MEC Chairman John Bassett.

Under the terms of the LOA, the airline will offer financial incentives encouraging more senior first officers to voluntarily give up trips to low-time first officers, in addition to providing pay protection, per diem, hotels, and other benefits. The LOA will remain in effect until August 1, when new requirements take effect. It will be automatically voided should the FAA later modify the rule to “grandfather” current Part 121 pilots.