MAG ALPA Collaborates with Local NATCA

MAG ALPA teamed up with the local National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) this week for aviation collaboration and safety as part of an Association-wide effort educating airline pilots about the ATC system and facilities. The pilot leaders met with Jerry Johnson, who serves as the president for the local NATCA unit in Phoenix, during their spring MEC meeting.

Meeting participants talked about issues affecting pilots flying in and out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), as well as events happening around the system. Topics included the clearances and procedures from air traffic controllers, the automated terminal information system, runway lights, and the effects sequestration will have on air travel in Arizona and elsewhere. This segued into a lighter discussion on how takeoffs and landings at PHX always seem to be into the sun.

“This was a collaborative session where union brothers and sisters worked together for the aviation system,” said F/O Marcin Kolodziejczyk, Mesa MEC chairman. “We, as ALPA pilots, face many of the same challenges and share similar goals as our NATCA counterparts.

“By meeting, we were able to talk about those issues, develop an understanding of the ATC system, and put a face to the ‘voice’ on the other end of the radio. As a result, we are actively seeking opportunities to team up and look forward to furthering our rapport with NATCA in all of our domiciles,” said Kolodziejczyk.