ALPA’s USEPA Pilots Further Collaborate

Members of ALPA’s US Airways Express Pilots Alliance (USEPA) met with their American Eagle counterparts this week to further their collaboration amidst the ongoing American–US Airways merger proposal. USEPA consists of pilot leaders from Air Wisconsin, Mesa, Piedmont, PSA, and Trans States. Also in attendance were ALPA Vice President of Administration Bill Couette, Managing Attorney Marcus Migliore, and Manager of Representation Andrew Shostack.

Discussions this week focused on ALPA merger policy, as provided in Section 45 of the Administration Manual. Though there has been no indication of any consolidation among the regional carriers flying within the US Airways and American systems, ALPA pilots are preparing for every possible scenario—from a transaction to a shift in flying. This planning, they believe, will best enable them to be proactive in finding mutually beneficial solutions to potential challenges, as well as to enhance the opportunities and stability of all pilot groups directly and indirectly affected by the mainline merger.

The pilots, along with ALPA’s national officers and staff, will continue to meet on an ongoing basis to discuss the status of the proposed merger and any strategies necessary to protect the careers of their collective group. Through these and other efforts, they are working to place ALPA pilots in an optimal position for career stability, enhancement, and advancement.