NTSB Forum Explores Lithium-Ion Batteries in Transportation

In ALPA’s most recent action to advance the union’s long-held position that lithium battery shipments by air should fall under hazardous materials regulations that require special packaging, handling, and pilot notification, ALPA pilots and staff attended the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) public forum titled “Lithium Ion Batteries in Transportation,” held in Washington, D.C., this week.

The forum, which is taking place April 11 and 12, includes multiple panels discussing issues such as the design development and use of lithium-ion battery technology; regulations and standards for lithium-ion batteries; and lithium battery applications and safety in transportation.

ALPA submitted written comments laying out its recommendations that lithium battery shipments on aircraft should be fully regulated as hazardous materials, and should include requirements for notifying the pilot-in-command and ensuring lithium battery shipments are appropriately labeled, packaged, and inspected.

During the NTSB forum, ALPA made available the Association’s primer on this important safety issue, titled “Safety of Transporting Lithium Batteries by Air.”