FDX Pilots Sign B-767 LOA

The FedEx Express pilots recently signed a letter of agreement on the introduction of the B-767 aircraft at the carrier. This agreement was approved by the membership with more than 75 percent voter participation and over 87 percent in favor. Meanwhile, FDX ALPA remains in Section 6 bargaining with FedEx Express.

“This LOA encompasses industry-leading provisions that respect seniority without concessions,” stated MEC chairman Capt. Scott Stratton. “While there are some new concepts, this agreement largely applies existing CBA provisions to the unique situation that the combination of B-767/B-757 represents for FedEx Express pilots. Maintaining the integrity of our existing agreement was a central goal,” he added.

Pilot participation in the ratification process bodes well for the remaining Section 6 bargaining under way since January 2013.

“The pilot participation rate in this LOA ballot indicates to us and FedEx Express that our pilots are engaged. We are hopeful that this agreement and ratification process will serve as a springboard to a new CBA in the near future. I am proud to say that our team performed extremely well throughout this process,” said Stratton.