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May 15, 2014

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FAR 117 Interpretations
Stronger in 2014; Executive Board Update
Pilots Needed for Study
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Part 117 & Scheduling: FAA Releases More Interpretations

The FAA has issued four new legal interpretations in response to independent requests to clarify the application of Part 117 to specific situations. These new interpretations address, among other things: checking of schedules during rest (McFadden), fitness for duty certification (McFadden), short-call reserve duty limits (Foltz), flight-duty period (FDP) extensions (Anderson), and split-duty assignments (Borozenets).

The four interpretations, McFadden, Foltz, Anderson, and Borozenets were explained during a presentation from Capt. Don Wykoff, chairman of the Association’ Flight Time/Duty Time Committee. If you have any questions about Part 117 interpretations, please contact ALPA’s Legal Department at or 703-689-4326.

Read more about the FAA interpretations.

Stronger in 2014: Executive Board Explores Lower Dues Rate, Welcomes JetBlue

ALPA’s Executive Board met this week, advancing proposed policies to the Board of Directors, slated to meet this October, which would further strengthen the union. “Financially, we’re leaner and we’re stronger,” said Capt. Lee Moak, ALPA president. “ALPA’s safety and security priorities make us stronger. The addition of JetBlue pilots to our membership makes our collective voice stronger. As a stronger union, you know that we have many challenges. We must use our resources more effectively to bring about greater membership support by best practices in every area.”

Board members discussed lowering ALPA members’ dues rate again in 2015, to 1.85 percent; the FAA’s recent interpretations of FAR Part 117; and mainline hiring to further unify ALPA’s fee-for-departure carriers. The Executive Board also welcomed JetBlue pilots to their first ALPA governing bodies meeting.

You can also watch ALPA’s national officers’ reports to the Board:

Read more about the ALPA Executive Board meeting.

Pilots Needed for Information Automation Study

Pilots are needed for an FAA-funded study investigating Human Factors issues that might occur due to different types of “information automation” systems being added to flight decks, such as decision aids, EFB applications, and new situation awareness displays. The results of the study will help develop guidelines and recommendations for the design of new information automation systems for flight deck use.

The study will be conducted in a low-fidelity flight simulator in a Honeywell facility in Golden Valley, Minn., a western suburb of Minneapolis. The identity of study participants and the information obtained from them will be kept anonymous, so there is no jeopardy posed by assisting with this study. Participation will require 6-8 hours, including initial briefing, training, performing the study, and completing post-test questionnaires. Honeywell will compensate participants $200; pilots who live locally are preferred as expenses cannot be reimbursed.

If interested, please contact Bill Rogers at Honeywell: 763-954-6504 (office), 952-240-4618 (cell), or

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