#denyNAI Round 2: You Can Help #FinishTheJob

Every ALPA pilot understands why the United States must completely deny Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) flag-of-convenience proposal. Here’s your chance to tell your story and voice your support.

Help #FinishTheJob! Take your voice to Twitter and tell your federal legislators why they should listen to voting constituents through this new “#FinishTheJob & #denyNAI” social media Call to Action.

It only takes minutes!

We are encouraging everyone to be as creative as possible with their posts, pictures, and messages—while still being respectful. In your picture, please keep your background settings in mind (wear your uniform and/or use an aviation-related background setting for a stronger message). ALPA will retweet all messages during the November 19 Pilot Fly-In.

We will also be judging the best three #FinishTheJob posts. The best three posts will appear in our next Air Line Pilot magazine.

Our union and voice are only as strong as our members.

VOICE your advocacy.
FIGHT to level the playing field for U.S. carriers and our jobs.
TELL the U.S. DOT to #FinishTheJob!

Help Us #DenyNAI TODAY!