New Reps Learn the Ins and Outs of ALPA

Recently elected ALPA pilot leaders have gathered this week for the Association’s annual Leadership Training Conference. Nearly 70 pilots from 16 airlines—approximately a third of the Association’s Board of Directors—are learning about what it takes to effectively serve as local council officers and the many products, templates, and services the Association provides to help them better manage their responsibilities.

ALPA president Capt. Lee Moak spoke to the conference attendees about the many strengths of the Association and why it’s important for airline pilots to work together. “We need to focus on the 95 percent of the things we have in common,” he said, noting that because we come together as one union, “ALPA is the advocate for airline pilots.” Moak then shared a top 10 list of priorities pilot reps should consider to maintain their authority and credibility as they manage their council affairs.

In a series of presentations, Capt. Bill Couette, ALPA vice president-administration/secretary, talked about ALPA’s organization and how it’s designed to channel member feedback to become Association policy. He reviewed Robert’s Rules of Order and explained how to run a meeting. Conference attendees then engaged in mock MEC meetings, applying what they had learned. “While you’re taking care of local and national business, always remember that your pilots come first,” he said.

ALPA General Manager Lori Garver and Managing Directors Michael Robbins and Dave Krieger explained how the Association departments were recently reorganized to more efficiently provide pilot group support. Conference attendees also watched a video on the power of social networking tools, participated in representation break-out sessions, and met with their assigned Council Services coordinators.

This week’s Leadership Training Conference is being moderated by ALPA Leadership Committee chairman Capt. David Farmer (DAL) and continues through Thursday. Look for additional coverage in the April 2014 issue of Air Line Pilot magazine.