FDX MEC Hosts Open House in Memphis

As the FedEx pilots passed the one-year anniversary of their contract's amendable date of February 25, the Family Awareness and Strategic Planning and Strike Committee (SPSC) hosted an open house on Saturday, March 1, for all FedEx pilots and their families. With the weather fully cooperating, FedEx pilots and their families were able to enjoy a beautiful day outside the MEC office with live music and plenty of activities for the children. From a rock-climbing wall to face painting and bounce houses, the children enjoyed the day while their parents were able to get a full update on negotiations. In addition to the activities outside, pilots and their families were welcomed inside the MEC office to get a firsthand look at the MEC office and the resources available to them.

"Events like this bring us together," said Negotiating Committee chairman Capt. Scott Larsen. "It was very encouraging to talk with so many pilots and spouses. This event demonstrated the overwhelming support for our pursuit of our CBA goals. Thanks go to the many pilots and families who came out over the weekend to spend time with fellow FDX ALPA pilots."

The FDX MEC is committed to ongoing communication with the pilots. "We are trying to make pilot family-related events the norm instead of the exception. All of our research, as well as pilot input, clearly make pilot family connections a priority," said MEC chairman Capt. Scott Stratton. "Over the course of the past year, we've held multiple events such as these in all the locations FDX pilots are based or domiciled. From Anchorage to Los Angeles to Hong Kong and Cologne, as well as Memphis, we continually strive to keep FDX ALPA pilots engaged and informed," he added. "Unity is the key to reaching our focused, realistic, and fair contractual objectives. Saturday's event demonstrated the commitment and involvement of our pilots and their families to that end."