FFDO Stakeholders Meet in Memphis

The ALPA Security team hosted the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) stakeholder meeting in Memphis last week at the FedEx MEC offices. Many stakeholders, including other unions and airlines, were present. The ALPA Security team had productive discussions and participation with the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS), which administers the FFDO program—FAMS is doing everything possible to support the FFDO mission.

The proposed White House budget for 2015 recommends that annual FFDO funding be reduced by $4.9 million. This is completely unsatisfactory—especially in light of the fact that the FFDO program is arguably the most cost-effective aviation security program in operation today. The ALPA Security team, supported by the ALPA Government Affairs group, will again take up the challenge and work with our legislators to restore FFDO funding back to the original $25 million.

A new FFDO program was developed that seeks to establish efficiencies and ensure that all members of the FFDO team participate. The ALPA Security team took issue with some of the proposed changes in the program and provided feedback to the federal air marshals reflective of its members’ interests. The federal air marshals were receptive to much of that input, resulting in the program that was presented during the meeting.

The FFDO program is vibrant, it is growing, and it is essential to keeping our skies safe as the consummate deterrent to those looking to do our country harm.

It is highly suggested that all FFDOs reread the standard operating procedures, reaffirm their commitment to serve, and log on to the DashBoard every month. The ALPA Security team thanks each and every FFDO for their commitment and selfless service to our profession and to our country.