Safety Rep Named to National Bird Strike Group

First Officer Steve Jangelis (DAL), chairman of the ALPA ASO’s Airport and Ground Environment Group, has been elected to serve on the steering committee of the Bird Strike Committee-USA (BCA-USA) as a voting member. In this position, he will provide ALPA’s perspective on ways to mitigate bird and wildlife hazards to aviation.

Bird and other wildlife strikes to aircraft put the lives of aircraft crew members and their passengers at risk and result annually in more than $700 million in damage to U.S. civil and military aviation. BCA-USA is the principal forum within the United States where information or concerns dealing with this problem are addressed.

Formed in 1991, BCA-USA works to reduce bird and other wildlife hazards to aircraft by facilitating the exchange of information, promoting the collection and analysis of accurate wildlife strike data, and encouraging the development of new technologies for reducing these hazards through wildlife management programs on airports. It also serves as a liaison to the FAA, national/international bird strike committees and to other professional aviation and wildlife organizations.

BCA-USA is a volunteer organization directed by a 15-person steering committee consisting of up to three members each from the FAA, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, aviation industry/airlines, and airports. Click here to learn more about the committee’s activities.