Capt. Steve Luckey Receives Behncke Award

October 12, 2010 - Capt. Steve Luckey (NWA, ret.) was presented with the David Behncke Lifetime Achievement Award, for his many years of service in advancing ALPA and the pilot profession.

“ALPA will give back more than you can give it,” said Luckey, upon receipt of the honor. “I am humbled.”

Among his many responsibilities and accomplishments, Luckey was acknowledged for his years of service as chairman of the Northwest MEC Security Committee, and later as a member and chairman of the ALPA National Security Committee; his continuing efforts after his retirement, most notably following 9/11; and his current role as special security advisor to the ALPA president.

“Capt. Luckey exemplifies the ideal ALPA representative: highly knowledgeable; well respected by his peers, government agencies, and industry; articulate and persuasive; diplomatic; industrious and very effective; and above all, strongly committed to ALPA and the success of the union,” Prater said.

“He literally put ALPA ‘on the map’ regarding aviation security, and his accomplishments—which will have lasting effects on security in North America—have brought great acclaim to, and enhanced the reputation of, the Association,” said Prater.

The Behncke Award, established by the ALPA Executive Council in April 2000, was named for Capt. Dave Behncke, the founder and first president of ALPA. The Executive Council created this award for special recognition of an ALPA member who, during the course of his or her career, has made an extraordinary contribution to preserve and perpetuate trade unionism.