Football practice had just finished up on Monday. I was a sophomore in high school. My mother came to pick me up from practice, but had to rush to Midway because she had a show time for a flight to SFO. I managed to talk my way into going along. She was a flight attendant for ATA at the time. Anyhow, the crew was great, as all ATA crews are, and as a young kid who wanted to be an airline pilot, I was having a great time. As we were getting ready to head out back to Illinois in the morning, and Iíd be in school in time to catch one or two classes before the end of the day, the phone rang. It was another crewmember who said to turn on the TV. We turned on the TV, I donít remember which channel. It showed the smoking tower, if I recall correctly, and then the second plane hit. The rest is history. We didnít get out until the 14th. The pilots of that flight were continuing on to LGA after they left us in Chicago. I missed the Friday night football game. A girl who knew I was traveling had been worried about me. It was an interesting time, to say the least. Iíve been flying professionally since 2007, and been in the air on two September 11ths since 2001. I was recently back in San Francisco a month or so ago, and it definitely reminded me of the events on 9/11. Just thought Iíd share.

First Officer Paul Meyer, PSA