Flying the Line II

Foreword  by C.V. Glines  
Chapter 1: THE WORLD OF THE AIRLINE PILOT—A Profession at Century’s End  
Chapter 2: THE LEGACY OF FOUR GOLDEN DECADES, 1938–1978—Flying the Line under Regulation  
Chapter 3: THE TRIALS OF J.J. O’DONNELL—SOS Theory and Practice 
Chapter 4: DODGING BULLETS—Crew Complement, Politics, and the Wien Strike 
Chapter 5: THE BRANIFF DEBACLE—Deregulation Hits Home  
Chapter 6: O’DONNELL’S DILEMMAS—The PATCO Strike, Braniff, and Furloughs 
Chapter 7: THE END OF THE O’DONNELL ERA—The Election of 1982  
Chapter 8: HANK DUFFY’S DESTINY—The Making of an ALPA President 
Chapter 9: DUFFY TAKES CHARGE—A Troubled Transition  
Chapter 10: WHO ARE THESE GUYS?—Frank Lorenzo and His Kind 
Chapter 11: BAD DUDE RISING—Frank Lorenzo Grabs Continental  
Chapter 12: PILOTS AND PACS, REPUBLICANS AND LABOR—The “Reagan Revolution” Hits ALPA 
Chapter 13: THE ORIGINS OF THE CONTINENTAL STRIKE—Lorenzo Prepares His Blitzkrieg  
Chapter 14: THE CONTINENTAL STRIKE—ALPA’s Dark Night of the Soul  
Chapter 15: BLUE SKIES AND MEC WARS—Origins of the United Strike of 1985 
Chapter 16: OF B-SCALES AND ALPA’s FUTURE—The United Strike of 1985 
Chapter 17: NATIONAL POLITICS AND MERGERS—The Election of 1986 and Beyond  
Chapter 18: LORENZO’S LAST GAMBLE—The Origins of the Eastern Strike 
Chapter 19: THE EASTERN STRIKE AND THE FALL OF LORENZO—“How do you spell ‘Pyrrhic Victory,’ Frank?”  
Chapter 20: AFTERMATH—The Disputed Election of 1990 and ALPA’s Future