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COMMENTARIES                                                                               A PSA MASTER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL NEWSLETTER • FEBRUARY 2018

   4	 PSA Pilots’ Professionalism                                                                         20
           Capt. Tim Canoll
           ALPA President                                        10	 Hotel

   5	 2018 Look Ahead                                                     Committee Overcomes
                                                                          Overnight Changes
           Capt. Travis Ricks
           PSA MEC Chairman                                      12	 Training Review
                                                                 13	 Healthwatch
   6	 Vice Chairman’s Report
                                                                          Opioids and Your Readiness for Flight
           Capt. CJ Lacour
           PSA MEC Vice Chairman                                 14	 Legislative Affairs

   7	 Communications                                                      ALPA’s 2017 Pilot-Partisan
                                                                          Action Items
           Capt. Erin Jackson
           Communications Committee                              16	 Contract Enforcement
                                                                          Coming Soon: Dispute Reporting
   8	 LEC Reports                                                         System 2.0

                                     12                          17	 Critical Incident Response

FEATURES                                                                  Taking Pride in Helping Pilots

20	 Industry Update                                              18	 Retirement & Insurance

       Neal Davis, Senior Labor Relations Counsel                         Classic Car Collections and Mansions

22	 PSA Member and Pay Rates

       Contract Comparison

35	 Pilot-to-Pilot Program Heats Up

       F/O Lindsey Evans
       Pilot-to-Pilot Coordinator	

36	 Our Airline: 40 Years in the Making

38	 Propelling Your Pilot Career

 State of the Union                                           18

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