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                LOOK AHEAD

                By Capt. Travis Ricks, MEC Chairman

                T he year 2017 is
                        now well behind
                        us as work begins
in 2018. Last year, we made quantifiable progress
at PSA, and we look forward to continued success
this year.
During 2017, we began making progress toward
improving quality of life for our pilot group, and the
Negotiating Committee is actively working toward
improved reserve rules at PSA. While we have al-
ready implemented some minor changes to reserve,
as well as major improvements to reserve trans-
parency, we are working on overhauling the entire
reserve section of the pilot contract. Presently, the
Negotiating Committee is making tremendous prog-
ress in implementing a bucket system for reserve PSA continues to take delivery of the CRJ700
pilots, and a defined and transparent method for        transfers from Envoy at a rate of one aircraft per
scheduling reserve pilots open flying.                  month, but with improved efficiency as a result of
The Negotiating Committee is also poised to             upcoming negotiations, it is possible that we could
make substantive improvements over the next             see this number increase to two per month, adding
year to the way schedules and pairings are built. additional flying quicker and helping more of our
The committee has now met with three separate pilots hold round one lines sooner. We continue
PBS vendors, and is nearing a selection of which to progress toward our goal of 150 aircraft, and
vendor we will be working with moving forward           with the improved efficiency we hope to bring to
to determine the benefits our pilot group could         PSA, along with many gains for our pilot group, a
gain from changing from a traditional line bidding competitive advantage for recruiting—we believe
system to PBS.                                          that we can exceed the current projection of 150
Along with PBS, the committee intends to dis-           aircraft and continue growth at PSA.
cuss multiple other issues with the company, and        Finally, I would like to take an opportunity to
plans to make further improvements to compen- thank our pilots who are out flying the line. PSA
sation, work rules, and quality of life for our pilots. runs a safe and reliable operation, and this is
The MEC and Negotiating Committee are well              because of you. Generally, our pilots come to work
aware of the recent improvements made at other and do their jobs without issue. We have a great
airlines such as Endeavor, and we are committed to group of pilots at PSA, and I encourage each of
bringing similar improvements to PSA.                   you to keep up the good work. I remain honored to
In late 2017, the MEC ratified a deal which             serve as your MEC chairman and, together, I believe
drastically improved our flow, increasing it from       we will have another great year. I look forward to
six pilots per month to 10 pilots per month, two        meeting each of you at various events the MEC will
more than our previous upper limit. This is a major sponsor throughout the year. Fly safe, and I will see
improvement to career progression to American           you out on the line. 
Airlines from PSA helping our pilots get to a major
airline faster than before. We hope to negotiate
further improvements to the flow program, keep-
ing PSA competitive with the other wholly owned
carriers when it comes to career progression.

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